Donor Stories

Dr. Jane S. Edwards

Dr. Jane S. Edwards (New Hall [Murray Edwards] 1968) and Professor Humphrey R. Tonkin (St. John's College 1959)
To Humphrey, going to Cambridge, "an institution that had been there for many centuries, and showed it in its astounding architecture," strengthened his already strong interest in history and, combined with the discovery of the UL, "changed my life, committing me to scholarship, academic leadership and writing." More

C. Flemming Heilmann, Esq

C. Flemming Heilmann, Esq. (Downing 1954)
"Throughout my itinerant childhood, I was exposed to many different cultures, religions, and philosophies, as my father traversed the globe working in the plantation business to support my family." More

Frank E. Morgan II

Frank E. Morgan II (Trinity Hall 1974)
"My Cambridge College, Trinity Hall, was founded with a benefaction of Bishop Bateman of Norwich. His goal was to train canon lawyers and over the years the nickname 'Lawyers College' applied."  More

Susan L. Poland, Esq.

Susan L. Poland, Esq. (Churchill 1977)
"My best memories are of living on a staircase whose residents were composed entirely of women from several different countries. My neighbors included a Greek astrophysicist, a Swiss statistician, and an American engineer."  More

Susan L. Poland, Esq.

Dr. David Fyfe (Sidney Sussex 1963)
"For me, being admitted to Cambridge, and having the benefit of its rigorous education and subsequent association, was both life enhancing and life changing."  More

Christopher M. Lowe

Christopher M. Lowe (St. Catharine's 1985)
"Without the opportunity to study at St. Catharine’s my life would have turned out very differently."  More